Skiathos Island

Nature' s Treasure !

Skiathos Island

Skiathos is an island in the north Aegean Sea with rich natural beauty. It is known for the green vegetation in conjunction with the crystal clear waters constitute a unique image. Even it is described as the “pearl of the Aegean” with sixty-nine beautiful beaches. In the summer period, the airport of the island serves flights from all over the world but also there are timetable with high speed and flying dolphins.

The most famous beaches of Skiathos is “Koukounaries”, “the large and the small Banana”, the beach of “Agia Eleni”, “Agia Paraskevi“, “Kanapitsa”, “the Megalos Gialos”, the “Megali Ammos “ which is located 40 meters away from the hotel, the Vromolimnos and others.

Cosmopolitan Island

In recent years, Skiathos is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, many famous people choose for their summer holidays.The film “Mamma Mia“, which was filmed almost exclusively here, presents on international view the beauty of the island.

This is one reason that has stimulated the interest of the media. All of these advantages make the island of Skiathos one of the most favorite choices of tourists.

Experiences in Skiathos Island

Skiathos is an island with outstanding beauty from the most spectacular of north Aegean Sea. It combines in perfect harmony the lush greenery with the endless blue and the tradition with the youth and the nightlife.

Skiathos is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Mediterranean Sea with nightlife and great interest from the media. Walking in the narrow streets is very likely to meet celebrities from all over the world because as a destination is known worldwide. The best experience of your holiday, await you in one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan islands of Greece.